Bible Studies for Life: Students

When the Bible Meets Life

In chapter 4 of John's gospel, Jesus encountered a lonely, outcast woman at a well. Through a series of questions, Jesus connected with her right where she was, and helped her see how He was the answer to her greatest need. That brief conversation inevitably resulted in a life, and even a community, redirected in pursuit of Him.

Your people, all of them, need Jesus to meet them right where they are. They need to see how the Bible meets their lives and they need a community of Christ followers surrounding them.


  • A focused, easy-to-follow teaching plan around one biblical truth
  • Three different opportunities for you to create an experience with students to drive home the point
  • Tips from an experienced student pastor to help you share God's truths
  • Commentary for leaders specific to the session
  • Sessions built around major life questions
  • Practical application and activities for students to live it out
  • Free videos to help promote what groups will study
  • Weekly session intro videos, on-screen graphics, and themed posters are available for purchase
  • Aligned content across age groups and a weekly tool called One Conversation™ to help you equip parents to have spiritual conversations with their students

Study Plan:

Bible Studies for Life follows an ongoing study plan addressing key life issues and needs. You can view the first 3 years of the plan below.

Year One    Year Two    Year Three


Translation and Format Options:

Multiple translations available
Multiple delivery options: Print, digital, and app


Resources Available:

Essential Resources

Other Resources

Leader Guide
Leader Pack

Personal Study Guide
Personal Study Guide App






Church-Wide Campaigns:

For churches wanting the focus of an all-church campaign, Bible Studies for Life will provide two simple opportunities each year, first in the Fall and then in Spring. All titles in all age groups will study the same scriptures for 6 weeks to help churches easily line up what groups are studying with pastors' sermons. Campaign helps, sermons, and promotional tools will also be available separately.

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